Sunday, March 11, 2012

Continuing on this mission to purposefully give to someone each and every day this Lenten season, I reflect upon this past week. Wow. More layers than a piece of baklava, and it feels good!

Getting a better handle on finances as of late. The wage is just not keeping up with the mundane expenses and I must find additional employment opportunities. Now that I've trimmed all that can be in the house, it is time to re-focus energy on side-line work. I cannot imagine being a person so fortunate to just have one job. The amount of time that would free! I could do more volunteer work!

There is nothing so crystally satisfying as watching a person receive totally unexpected kindness.

As I look around the house there are some cobwebs growing on the rocks. Rocks in the house. Why yes, they're forms of good energy and grounding so to speak. So unlike last weekend when I spent hours matching socks and have only about 80 unmatched ones left, this weekend - today - is remove clutter and webs day. Literally. Figuratively.

Have you gave unexpectedly, even better anonymously!

Do you have life clutters and webs?