Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I tend to be a giver...of all...

To receive total random acts of kindness leave me speechless.

Yesterday, a person took off a bracelet and just gave it to me because she noticed that it matched my necklace.

Today, a person that works somewhere down the hall, gave me a beautiful bouquet of my favorite pinks and purples...from her garden. I don't even know her name.


So thankful.

So blessed.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Andrew Warhola.

The most well known artist of all times as he transcends ages and our adulthood, stereotypical categorizations of people.

Over this past weekend, more than once I would ask or think of something and POOF it happened.  We laughed about how I asked for someone to speak Polish because we needed to convey a clear message to our Polish teams.  In walked a Polish interpreter.  Tonight, I pushed myself out of the hotel in Milwaukee and instead of going to Jazz in the Park, as that was part of the conference's dinner and entertainment, walked many blocks to the waterfront and the Art Museum.  I heard Andy Warhol was opening here, but unfortunately privately to members only.  Thinking I might be able to see their standing collection and secretly hoping the stars would align again, I ventured over there.  Their fountains and the architectural wonder of a building is currently robed in passion pink in honor of the Susan Koman race this weekend and Andy Warhol.

A breeze off Lake Michigan continued while the articulating wings of the museum closed.  Captured on video.

Upon entry, I discovered many people milling about with a variety of beverages and appetizers.  Asking if I may stay even though not a member, I was welcomed for just a smidge above normal entry fee.  Additionally, I had arrived just in time to receive a ticket for their limited seating lecture by a visiting, renown curator.  Some appetizers, a flavorful pan-seared tilapia, and Summer Shandy later and I was ready to explore.

The pieces.

His last ones.

Andy Warhol is the epitome of contradiction.

Perhaps of no surprise to you, I relate.

In his final years, he was working around the clock on a multitude of pieces.  More graphic and poppish, totally abstract, and also quietly religious.  Andy was a devout Catholic and that was extremely unknown with the exception of a few of his closest friends until openly announced at his eulogy. 

His self-portraits through the years reflected how he saw himself first cleanly and young to confused and aging.

The year preceding his death, he lost his best friend, a fellow artist, to whom he shared and journeyed professionally and personally.  The man did not die.  The artist was introduced as his mascot during an unveiling and from that awful day forward, with the exception of a phone call once in a while, they were no longer bonded.  He was devastated.

It's been an interesting week.  As you know through prior blog entries, I am the combination of two opposites.  Last weekend, truck romping in Colorado at a race; this week, in Milwaukee appreciating the arts and the smells of a very fine spice store.


Seek it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Tundra performed powerfully on its evening trip from Steamboat to Denver through the mountains.  It had a stick on the column with up/down auto shifting.  Convenient and perfect placement with elbow propped on center console.  Appreciated its soft reddish - orange instrument glow, but the terribly distracting high beam indicator needs a piece of dental x-ray film.

I made my flight in the nick of time!  I am a planner - thank goodness.  Auto-awake at 0416 on Monday to think I have an alarm and wake-up call set, I can sleep until 0430.  The front desk called at 0458 and asked if I was going to make the 0500 shuttle to the airport?  Ahhh - do you have a 0515?  No.  Glad I was packed and have years of experience flying out of bed when the pager alerts.  I was on the shuttle at 0502 and that includes being on the 3rd floor.

Flew home rather uneventfully.  I remember taking off and touching down.  :)

It was totally wonderful to crash at home for the evening.  Your own bed and pillow are sometimes inexpressibly good.

My rental car fiasco yesterday morning at Enterprise made me look around thinking there is a hidden camera and I'm on a businessman blooper show.  While receiving a text message from a friend saying he's missing his radio antenna from his rental (rented at the same place), I am told the car that I specifically requested be held for me less than 30 minutes previous to my arrival is no longer available.  This is Marquette, not O'Hare, and then he started with the I'm not required to hold a specific vehicle.  I reminded him of the conversation the two of us just had moments previously.  I believe this is where he picked up that I'm not a first time car renter because mine is in the shop for deer damage.  He thought I would not know the difference between a Cobalt and a Focus?  When I requested the Mazda, he said it was rented.  Excuse me?  I sat outside to cool down.  Called Thrifty and told them how wonderful they are.  When a Sonata sporting a sat antenna drove up, I went in and waited in the wings.  Yes.  That one.  Took a picture of its odo and 1/4 tank of gas as he'll be getting it back with a 1/4 tank.

Don't screw with me.  Well, at least when it comes to wheels.

Speaking of those, I stopped at a Toyota dealership in Green Bay to discuss trucks.  Every question I had required a look-up or find someone.  At least this guy was somewhat resourceful.  I'm not a how many cup holders kind of gal.  Surely you're shocked.  Ha!

I'm at the Hyatt in Milwaukee now for a few days.  Nice place with a brilliant comp room equipped with a plethora of liquid - even Hennessy, single barrel Jack & Grand Marnier - and it's central to the arts.  I'll be doing the museum.  Warhol doesn't open until Saturday and that is such a bummer.  It's almost worth staying another evening.  Hmmm - maybe I'll do that?!

Living for adventure....we're only here once, at least in this form...  :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

At Steamboat Springs and fighting altitude sickness ~ increased hydration last week just in case and yet still!  Now I think I should have gills.  It was noon my time and I was still sitting in my jammies drinking Gatorade.

Rally Colorado is a social event as much as a rally.  Beer festival weekend too.

Walking down the street today, it was apparent that when I was 10-12 years old I would have fit right in with my cowboy boots and flannel shirts.  Need to raid a men's store and get a couple flannels again.

The forecast has changed and it should be a very nice weekend.  This is why I always pack my rain gear for if not...

One who needs little sleep is whipped.  Night.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Heart glow...

I was just gifted the opportunity to share a little time with a 7 year old on the Pediatric unit. In passing, a person I work with mentioned how wrenching the situation is and how there is no one here for her. Woofed down lunch and ran up to be with her. No one could get the Wii to work. Cha-Ching ~ you called upon the right gal. :) I left her eating Cheetos and playing tennis.

Giving is so much more than receiving.

Heart glow...