Sunday, June 28, 2009

There are users and givers in this world.  Teeter-totter. 

Somewhere in between is the person who gives, yet is attempting to understand there are personal needs and maybe those have to be filled or nurtured by others.  That kind of person isn't "using" others.   It's not greed-based or materialistic, as it truly is attempting self-care from within and in assistance from a support system.

It's been a stressful week that has provided many challenges to me.  The wanting to give while walking the fine line of enabling.  Being totally used and allowing myself to because I see a bigger picture amongst many walking veneers.  Supporting people, yet not their actions (talk about poke my ethics!).   And finally, as though that was not enough, providing literal life and death compassion to strangers.

I testify to you that you can, yes, you can, endure all that is handed or displayed before you...and with divine assistance, it can even be done with grace.

I have to go pick up some Lions Club chickie BBQ and then staff the rescue truck at a show.  Cutting cars - fabulous stress reliever.

Have a great week everyone.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day.

The disaster exercise wasn't a disaster!  WOOOO~WHOOOO!!!

When I was growing up - yes, yes, many still think I'm still attempting that - ANYWAY, coffee was not something kids enjoyed.  Can I tell you how many young kids are splaying cool cash for Starbucks?  A whole new generation of addicts.

Grandpa and I hit Forestville yesterday.  B-Utiful!  The sun was shining, a breeze filtered easily through the trees, and we took our time capturing the moment.  Grandpa gave me stories about the current road that was built by Roosevelt's WPA in the 30s and where the rut road remains are, along with where each overgrown trail leads.  He told me stories about certain trees up there.  Amazing memory, amazing man.  He found the spot of where an apple tree used to stand as he recalled the time a black bear, whose back stood above the ferns, came too close to the camp.  The black bear met its fate and was found later that year.  Hemlocks - pointed one of those out and said that was the main building timber, along with some white pine, for the houses he built in Marquette.  He said they're soft, perhaps too soft, but that's what people used.
We walked up Reiny Creek, felt its chillness, and searched for brook trout under the bridges.  I took pictures of Forget-Me-Nots and Buttercups.  At the top of the hill where Reiny joins with the river, we tromped around the "camp" where my grandparents and Mom lived for a couple of years.  The old stove, frying pan, and sink remain along with pieces of brick from the chimney that my uncle built for them.  He showed me where he would park their Model T.

The terracing by the house was built by Grandpa and one of his brothers because they wanted to drive and hauling the rocks gave them a perfect excuse.  I learned how tightly I held him as he would carry me across the main bridge because of the gaps in between to the river, and come to find out I didn't relish the sound of the hydro plant.   That surprised me since Mom talks about how I would sleep on the starting line during Dad's races.  Grandpa says his hearing isn't what it used to be.  This coming from the man who wouldn't wear hearing protection in the hydro plants.  He knew everything by its exact sound and could tell immediately if there was a problem and where.  When he brought up flying, I said, "you kept one ear uncovered to hear the plane, didn't you?"  Yes was the reply with a cheshire smile.

We found thimble and raspberry bushes just starting to bloom.  I ate a little carton of raspberries for dinner the other night.  Here's a quick and easy tip:  marscapone cheese on plain toast chips, topped with a raspberry.  Yummy and it looks fabulous.

It is another absolutely gorgeous day here.  Time to close my chat with you and sail around out there.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's a Frappuccino Caramel Light Day and you know what that means?  The sun is shining!

I made it out to St. Louis this morning and listened to Father Ben.  He just completed fire II class with the rest of us.  That church sure underwent a transformational change years ago, not only in structure but also in total feeling.  The old portion, which is now a gathering hall, is where my parents were married and where I was baptized and also received First Communion.  Mom made my First Communion dress of white eyelet fabric over a light blue sheath.  Since I stopped growing in 4th grade, you can only imagine that traditional little, poofy First Communion dresses - well, they weren't made for me.  Veil?  No freakin' way!  Ahead of my time with flowers.

So anyway, St. Louis is styled in a contemporary fashion now as it is in a round with natural wood beams and neutral colors interlaced with free design stained glass.  It has a down to earth, relaxed attitude about it and each time I pick up this unpretentious feeling from its parishioners.  

It's Chicken BBQ day and that means Grandpa bought tickets from Dr. Peura for a gathering at my parents' home.  I'm going to approach Grandpa about another trek through the Forestville woods as we did one last fall.  He's 90.  I want to capture his knowledge of the area again and jot it all down.  I'm not sure if going up the falls will be too much for him.  I'll make sure friends are in town should we get in trouble.  Knowing him, he's the mountain goat and I'll be the one sliding down a ravine.  With that in mind, I'll have to choose my friends wisely that day.  :)

Tomorrow is a large emergency exercise in Marquette that I hesitantly say I'm spearheading.  Core to my being is bringing people together of differing perspectives and this certainly has been a test.  It is tomorrow - tomorrow! - and here I sit with not enough victims.  Everyone could get people - yet, it's now Sunday and I'm trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces and make it work for everyone.  I yip at myself saying keep looking at the good!  There has been a plethora of discoveries along the way and we have already made great progress in changing things that make us more prepared for community emergencies.  It's all about the next patient, not one agency versus another, not existing polices and procedures, not the way it's always been done so that's why - period.

Gathered some agates yesterday with Cash-Man-Du.  He smiled.  I laughed.

Seize the moment.  I'm off...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Years ago when my office was a jail cell (complete with a big Folger keyed door that I would decorate with abstract paper cutouts and bars on a huge window with a view of a gorgeous pin cherry tree), I sat one rainy day and thought of this phrase:

Life is an orchestra.
Play on.

It's another challenging rainy day.

The sun will shine again.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The week was quick and punctuated with a few experiences.

Sault Ste Marie, Menominee, Iron Mountain, Escanaba - amongst real work.  Bring it on!  The more I ride with others, the more I understand that perhaps I am a little bit of a speed demon.  See - you grow up in my family and you'd think I was slow.  Ahhh no.  Is that not just a prime example that you are a product, somewhat, of your environment where your perceptions of reality and opinions are molded?  Major life changing events are fertile ground for recasts, though.  Strong spirits constantly seeking betterment are like foundries with a variety of casts on the shelves and more being created.

I reflect upon my life and see so many traditional steps missing.  I wonder why I have been gifted to not experience the joy and tragedy of them for there is a reason.  I must not be ready to know.

So how 'bout those Wings?  While I don't have a "team" - I do appreciate downright good hockey.  Smooth, pretty passes followed by incredible saves and an occasional goal.  Yes, to me, that is the game.  Since a rather small child, I have been enamored by the person that stands in front of the goal.  It's the collection of traits the person must possess in order to exist there that just strikes me as they are found few and far between...when mixed with passion...a deep seated awareness of what is really important...and there, there you have a person that walks to the edge and lives.

It will be another hectic week...but, I say, only as hectic as I will allow.  Later.