Sunday, June 7, 2009

The week was quick and punctuated with a few experiences.

Sault Ste Marie, Menominee, Iron Mountain, Escanaba - amongst real work.  Bring it on!  The more I ride with others, the more I understand that perhaps I am a little bit of a speed demon.  See - you grow up in my family and you'd think I was slow.  Ahhh no.  Is that not just a prime example that you are a product, somewhat, of your environment where your perceptions of reality and opinions are molded?  Major life changing events are fertile ground for recasts, though.  Strong spirits constantly seeking betterment are like foundries with a variety of casts on the shelves and more being created.

I reflect upon my life and see so many traditional steps missing.  I wonder why I have been gifted to not experience the joy and tragedy of them for there is a reason.  I must not be ready to know.

So how 'bout those Wings?  While I don't have a "team" - I do appreciate downright good hockey.  Smooth, pretty passes followed by incredible saves and an occasional goal.  Yes, to me, that is the game.  Since a rather small child, I have been enamored by the person that stands in front of the goal.  It's the collection of traits the person must possess in order to exist there that just strikes me as they are found few and far between...when mixed with passion...a deep seated awareness of what is really important...and there, there you have a person that walks to the edge and lives.

It will be another hectic week...but, I say, only as hectic as I will allow.  Later.

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