Saturday, April 24, 2010

Starbucks. It's been ages!

Don't you think there needs to be a lot more gratefulness in the world? Perhaps it simply starts with one person and thereafter an epidemic forms?

We've had a beautiful spring. Spring has sprung in the month to which it should! I sat outside eating lunch in the sun and it was warm - like short-sleeve shirt warm. It's definitely going to be a Sea-Dooing summer. She wasn't in the water at all last year as it was well maybe a year to forget or perhaps learn from so not to re-experience. There's something about just floating out there that calms the soul. I am grateful for having the ability to appreciate and enjoy our spectacular Lake and the peaceful woods a step out my door.

Ever driven in the Spring, a couple hours after dark, and heard for the first time in months, the frogs and crickets? Grateful.

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