Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lived what seemed to be a life documentary last night.

Persons with psychiatric problems thrashing out upon others and themselves. Then seconds later, calmness like mirrored water. An injured caregiver on one side, a previously vicious person on the other. One born in a native land, severely disabled, left by his family in the care of others with the edict that much of traditional United States medicine is not allowed upon their son.

To watch the givers close and afar was spiritually twisting. At one moment they are saving themselves from being injured and the next whispering kind notions and funny sounds to their aggressors. Bless them.

Sharing what was mindful overload and realizing there are not many people of depth with the capacity to fully appreciate and core-fully understand. It is no wonder why our world of relationships seems to be a bouncing ball from thing to thing and person to person. An emphasis on physical support, with the weeping wane of spiritual and emotional support.

Yet there are those quiet and steady givers amongst the rest, and they, like stars, grab attention when you take the time to look.

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