Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stepped on a dinky little chunk of aqua glass this morning. In my living room? How very odd.

The blinds and a few valances that came with my house are now all down from their cobwebbed resting places. The house will be paid off in a few months, so I figured that it was about time to change a few things. With birthday money from my parents, I bought cellular shades and have two sample books spread across the floor for others. Thanks to friends who recently purchased blinds as they got me motivated after 20 years of stagnation!

Decorated just a little today for Easter. I was hoping to watch cheer on the faces of others, but plans have changed. It is a blessed moment to sit in silence and reflect that it is He who is in charge and that is what matters.

This past week has bottled quite a bit of highs and lows. Just seems that life would be bland and unfulfilled without knowing them and yet at times wondering...well, should I become less vulnerable? Walls. They're so very easy to build. Discerning when to build and where to have the windows and doors is quite challenging. It must be why the sunrises and sunsets are so breathtaking. Without a window or a door, you'd never see them.

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