Sunday, October 4, 2009

I tend to do better with change than stagnation.

Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons, perhaps.  They are such a mix.  Each day can be a blended concoction!

The work duty modifications are supposed to be coming soon.  Last week I was told retro-pay would be on my next check and the job description is still in approval process.  How unusual is that?  I have always been on the short end of getting all of the duties and the work and hearing someday the pay would catch up.  In the last job, that meant almost two years later.  I've always thought of myself as an impatient person, but looking back at everything, maybe I'm not.

I pinch myself on occasion.  I am doing professional tasks to which I have a passion.  More often than not, I am satisfied.  How can this be possible?  Is it because I have lived through so much dissatisfaction that I have a good thermometer?  So many adventures in life that when I briefly introduced myself this past weekend while teaching EMS classes, I said these are the professions I'm doing today.  

Incapsulate those with my past-times and it makes me wonder how a one job, one hobby, routine person survives.  Certainly if one has a family, that provides the interest, the opportunities for expanded horizons - the change.

Considering putting my name out there to play for weddings, funerals, and gatherings as I used to do in a previous life.  :)  Not only would it provide a little extra play money, but I am discovering that once in a while using your passions to help your whole life isn't sacrilegious...and it provides a safe, yet needed stimulating change. 

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