Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's been a while since I've written, but carrying on the theme of change I have.

The little silver bullet Subie WRX wagon grocery getter, Monza mobile has been replaced with a truck. Yes, a truck. My first. It's proving to be a good decision of independence as I slowly get it to the way I want. Meanwhile, the Subie sits in the other heated garage stall having a well deserved break.

Today is get the tree day and instead of strapping it to the roof of the Subie or borrowing a truck, it'll christen the bed. For the past few years, I've borrowed a dog to take with and I reminisce of last year with Cash thinking it was so very cool to check out all the trees and people at Meisters.

I've been walking a lot lately at the rinks. This morning was the Lakeview Arena. What a change from the horrifically hot Berry. In fact I had to pull my sleeves over my hands this morning, which brought a smile as that's the way a real rink should be. It even smelled a little like ice. Mmmm...

After being ill for about a month starting with the flu, I wrapped up sickness with doing Thanksgiving dinner at my house. So Christmas festivities will be at my mom's. It's Grandpa's birthday on Christmas. Another year! I'm thinking for his birthday gift, I'm going to get a couple of NMU hockey tickets and we'll go sit by the Rail of Knowledge by Johnnie and the gang.

My holiday cards arrived from Apple. It was while making them that I realized I didn't take many pictures this year. This year was not the best overall, but I am making plans for a wonderful 2010. You too?

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  1. Keep blogging.....I love to read your blog and listen to your playlist......