Friday, August 21, 2009

In days passed, my spirit of truth has been tested beyond all measure experienced. While enduring and reaching for my surviving nature, it now has become apparent how many so very subtle ways have been reflecting that yes, Lyn, you are on the correct path. You have trusted with all of your heart and not relied upon your own insight. (a remarkable milestone for strong-headed me)

Life is composed of choice.

One commonly asks why? Why am I here? Why am I going through this? Why chaos? Why do I want to run away from reality? Choice. Choice is what places you where you are. Faith is what provides you the gumption to pull up the boots and wade forth for with that you know you are also not alone. Determining what path you should wade requires discernment – a word that may be rare gem in today’s world. It is a piece that I must continually hone for it does not come easy.

So as times pass and you ask why, suggest bad luck and more - go back. Think of the forks on your paths. We are all on journeys. Shake yourself in pure silence…as oxymoronic as it sounds...because it can be enlightening.

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  1. have such a gift for writing......thanks for sharing......