Saturday, August 8, 2009

So not only were a couple of people right about my need for speed, but they also hit this nail:  I apparently need little sleep in comparison to most.  But, it's a cumulative matter because WOOFDA - enough becomes enough and I crash.  Sense a crash coming sa-sa-sa-soon.  I can literally fall asleep at the wheel, no, make that on the wheel.  Years ago, rescue call, fire assist, bored out of my mind, forehead on the steering wheel, someone had to stay with the truck, me, of course, next thing I knew, my forehead had an imprint.

Hanging with a variety of characters lately.  Adds some spice, some diversity.

The back, well, it's not the back - thank God!  Let's just say it's off to the "side" of the very lower back and well I can walk now.  As the week progressed, it became easier to get the clutch all the way in and that's a good thing for me and the grocery getter.  Now I just get muscle cramps every once in a while.  I'm looking at it as great, involuntary gluteal exercises.

Working another enduro bike race tomorrow.  It was a little dusty today and with no rain overnight it'll be a blow your nose for a while experience.  Dam* fugitive dust.

The Isle of Man TT DVD was watched a "few" times.  Actually, the sidecar part I've watched MORE than a few times.  Perhaps to the rescue swimmer, rodeo clown, goalie, the addition of monkey is necessary.  Watch a motorcycle sidecar race and you'll get the picture.

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