Saturday, August 1, 2009

I've had a grand time staying in town with Sunni, the blonde, full-coated Golden Retriever.  We've walked along the Lake each day from near the Lakeview Arena to downtown and then all the way back north.  Those ions off that body of water along with the view - good gracious I am so thankful for being here.  

Last night we stopped at the Lower Harbor Marina to chat with friends.  They saw me coming and thought HOLY she finally got another dog.  Nope.  Stole yet another one.

The wind changed this morning.  Remembering what Grandpa always said about wind changes, I checked the horizon and YIKES!  We high-tailed it, well at least Sunni did, all the way back to beat the storm.  It's beautiful again outside so we spent a little time in the backyard for a grooming session.  She's now sound asleep on the kitchen floor.  I do believe I've been tiring her out.  Yesterday morning, I opened the kennel and she was still sound asleep.  We'll try for one more long walk today before I go home.

Two years ago just before Christmas in Target, I bought some window coverings and steel cable to hang them.  Beautiful, icy blue ones that would match the rest of the hint of blue and warm chocolate that I already had.  They've been sitting in the corner ever since.  A few years ago, I transitioned from purple and green to these colors.  Just ahead of the curve ball in popularity, perhaps?  Today's task is to finally put them up in the spare bedroom and complete the look with the comforter and linens that I've had stored.  Fifteen years later and I'm finally getting the place to look and feel like me:  cool and calm, modern with a slightly lodge-like twist.  You won't find a lick of oak and country soon.  If only I were on water, cathedral ceilings, open floor plan, huge windows and surrounded by rock.  I would love to build.  Oh - in my dreams...

I heard from a cousin out west that is moving back to Alaska!  Very, very cool since that is on my short list of places to go.  Alaska, Hudson Bay for the polar bears and New Zealand.

My professional life may take a twist soon, as though the personal life wasn't enough.  Everything happens for a reason.  I hope this to be a step in the positive direction, professionally, and will write more when I can.

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