Monday, July 27, 2009

I went back to Art on the Rocks yesterday. Justification - I needed the exercise. ha! So off to it with a friend and her neighbor. Spent a little - just a little on jewelry - imagine that! A couple of pieces that go with things I already have.

Found my parking gate card this morning!!! There was no way I was going to pay the enormous amount of money for a replacement. I feared it ended in a bag that I threw away, but no the little monster squeezed itself under the amp under the passenger seat. In the meantime, my car is a bit cleaner than usual. You can see the seats! Now I just need to get all of the teeny copper Cash hair off of them. Oddly there isn't a piece of Mooch Landcruiser blonde fur. Which brings me to the next point, I'm seriously considering a dog again. That'll be another post for the future.

Looooooong day. Life is crawling lately. Today, I've been on fury mode and have completed many projects. Of course, I'm multi-tasking at the moment. Typing this, listening to EMS recorded reports and taking notes on those that need follow-up.

I finished second coating my china hutch last evening. I tore it apart the other night out of sheer frustration and needing something to do. One of the doors seems bowed now and I haven't a clue what that is all about? I changed out all of the hardware to nickel. Last night I looked at the ceiling fan and thought well maybe this evening I'll paint its blades the deep anthracite.

It's not that I relish doing all this stuff. You know, it is rather amazing what a person can do out of sheer necessity. I even used a shovel and disposed of some mice in traps last week. I have NEVER been able to do that, but after days of it nagging in my head and the smell of dead mice for way too long, I finally realized no one else was going to take care of it. Poof! Done.

Talk with you later.

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  1. sure keep yourself busy! I'm glad you found that card...I'm still looking for a few things around the house myself!! LOL