Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's rainy and cold today.  Blaghhhhhhhh!

Briefly walked around Art on the Rocks yesterday.  I cannot have the temptation to spend any money so I'm limiting my focus and time on anything that makes me go down that road.

A friend of mine came to town - totally unexpected and what a wonderful surprise.  We spent time together yesterday and it was as though years had not passed.  Those unexpected things really punctuate life don't they?!

I finally caved and put myself on Facebook.  Too many people sending me requests.  The last time I caved like this, I ended up with titanium drilled in my leg.

Sandi's surprise retirement party was last weekend at L'Attitudes.  I love that place.  Their wine glasses are the best in town.  Right weight, no weighty lip.  Low, leather couches by the brick and windows facing the lake.  Natural wood.  High ceiling.  I could live there.  It's my style.  I hadn't seen Trina in a few years and DJ even longer than that.  Trina is in the Twin Cities staying home with the kids.  Sort of surprising.  DJ is living in Colorado - golf and skiing.  No surprise there.  :)

Mom's birthday was last week and the Longhini gang along with Gina and her Thursday liquid lunch gals all met at HotPlate.  We painted pottery dishes for my mom and she'll pick them up this Tuesday.  Sandi had a sun/moon, Gina and the gals made seagulls (it's their mascot), Dom & DJ worked together on a mountain peak landscape, and the rest were very nicely patterned.  My design?  There wasn't one.  Only freaking odd duck of the group.  I layered a passionate deep purple on top of scarlet base.  Then popped it with a feather brush of blue and sponged a tidbit of flare orange. Finished by flicking smile yellow off a brush that sprayed over the rest.  Yep - no neat pattern there.

Enjoyed a delish feta burger and Oberon atop the Landmark last night.  The woman's restroom up there - well, it's practically like an outdoor bathroom overlooking the lake.  I've always wanted an outdoor shower.  Wouldn't that just be the coolest?!!!

Off to a friends and then home.  Might even have a fire in the fireplace.  It is that icky outside.  I started cleaning my car the other day.  Still haven't found my car parking card to get in the work lots.  Ugh.  It's a day that I could bake and cook my heart out!  Find your creative release...

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