Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mind and spirit whipped.  Took some time off from work to start sorting out my head.  :)

At a friend's bonfire late (I am a bonfire junkie) last night and then wide awake until mid-morning.  I cannot figure out why this bod never just sleeps in!  Wonder if I'll be able to catch the Madagascar Penguins on Nick?  Yes, I watch that cartoon whenever possible.  Just add that to the strangeness of my life.

Party at the neighbors today.  They are absolutely wonderful people.  I'm bringing grilled vegetables in balsamic, and I think I'll try Tiramisu.  I haven't used the trifle bowl yet so by happenstance I spotted ladyfingers at the grocery store.  Couldn't pass up one of those little Oberon party kegs.  Really - just for the picture on the outside.  ha!

Fireworks tonight.

I'll fit it all in one way or another.

Windows are open - there's a breeze through the freshly cleaned house.  Happy summer everyone.

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