Saturday, July 4, 2009

Look at the time!  Nope - not at Starbucks.  I found a temperamental, new sweet spot in the house!

I got burned today.  No, not literally - although that would make sense on this kind of holiday.  Actually last year this time I was doing everything I could to stop a person from burning himself along with calming their enraged neighbor.  Beverages and fireworks just don't mix.  Back to present time, I made plans to do things today and was thinking how cool finally a holiday that would be fun!  Rather excited that it was going to be a day that I enjoyed instead of always doing for others. Well, that fell apart.   Anti-climatic, I ate some chips and a few smoked oysters tonight.  Not even any beer in the house to go with!   Then fell asleep to the drone of a 24/7 jewelry sales tv channel.  Listened to the distant booms of fireworks earlier and I'm wide awake now - figures.

The bright spot of the day was being allowed to make lemonade from lemons as I borrowed Cash-Man-Du for the Dog Dash run/walk.  Look at me - do you honestly think I "dash" anywhere?  Apparently, Cash sees the world through pink-colored lenses because we did 2.5 miles in 34 minutes including two stops for him to do a little business.  Considering that I did some light jogging the morning previous (before 7am, I will add!), this fast walk escapade wasn't all that hip - though, that is what was the sorest.  There was a lot of commotion, other dogs, kids and more.  My gut said he wouldn't have an issue with any of that as he knows better than to try more than a sniff with me.  But just in case, we started last.  He motored right through them all with no hesitation and he made it crystal clear that he's not used to being last.  What a ham at the finish - his schmoozing surprised me!  We met a visitor to the area whose sister breeds Vizslas in New Jersey, including grand champions that she named.  Their family has always taken the ones her sister has not been able to immediately place.  She remarked on Cash's great looks and temperament and wanted to know where I got him....ahhh, I stole him.  :)  A very nice conversation about the breed ensued and then upon leaving she said thanks for bringing him, he enjoyed what you did.  What a kind gesture.

Now if I could get some zzz's, I might be able to get a brisk walk in tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow afternoon I have to work the rescue truck again at a local celebration.  Bringing a chair and there should be good live music.  Hopefully no lost children.  They always seem to find me.

Hope your summer celebration was a sweet one for you!

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