Saturday, February 14, 2009

The bag says "Multi-Bird Blend with Fruits and Nuts."  

Note the word "bird" because I watched The Big Grey (and we're not talking parrot) lick his lips a few times this morning.  As I looked at his - shant it be a her - hips, I recollected to my first time trying squirrel stewed in a mushroom sauce.

No, goodness, while I love shooting, I could never shoot an animal.  Going out to destroy something today on this lovely February 14 does sound rather appealing though.  Perhaps I'll renew my rod and gun club membership today.

I picked up perky pink tulips yesterday.  Have you ever sat and looked at the lines of a tulip, even their leaves are exquisite.  Combine that with the spicy smell of a white carnation (colors don't smell as good) or the scent of a rose and we're talking bliss.

It must be that time of year when I surround myself with signs of summer.  The chosen oil scent for the house is a not too sweet vanilla coconut, while my car's aromatherapy device has pineapple orchid.  I've been using all things cocoa butter lately too.  Now I just need some warm sand, a beating sun, and parasailing!  

Things to do today: laundry (it is the weekend - of course that's on the list), slimming more seconds off donning an air bottle (rusty one here did it fine the first time, but that's not good enough for me), maybe a late lunch and target practice.

Tomorrow?  Homemade potato soup and bread.  Then Mooch-A-Roo and I will be hanging!   His mom and dad are going on a vacay and I thought it would be good to dry run a little stay at the spa.  Stay tuned to find out if I still think he's a Landcruiser.

This coming week - well, it's pack @ work week.  My office is being moved on Friday to a 3rd floor space in the Administration building where I will be adjacent to co-workers and my supervisor.  Just another life adventure.  I will be focused on the sled dog races that weekend anyway.  It's the little sleep, run after dogs, stop traffic, be a ham (radio kind - geesh!) weekend!  The finale - my annual party at the Welcome Center where I'll dust off my outdoor cooking ability.  Maybe I'll bring an EZ-Up this year.  Come one - come all!   Sunday, Feb 22, noon until the last dogs in...

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  1. What an interesting life you's great to read your blogs. I am looking forward to the dog sled race on Friday. I hope to stop by and see you....I'll bring my hungry crew!