Sunday, February 1, 2009

Whew - where did that week go?

There's a pink haze in the West this morning.  I knew there was a reason I was laying awake at 6 this morning.  It was probably a gorgeous sunrise that I missed.  But, the greatly revered sleep and rest overtook my gumption to rise.  I cannot tell you how fab it is to go back to my old pager that goes off for the right agencies.  Enough of that disturbed sleep while listening to everything around the clock!  People that do - well, it seems like they're just a bit too nosey and not paying enough attention to their own life, don't you think?

Cash-Man-Du was here for part of the weekend.  Yep, that's right I missed the Sno*Drift Rally to be with a friend's downright cool Vizsla.  While I missed seeing the rally gang, we had an excellent time hanging out.  He's quite brilliant and always up for something new, which of course makes me smile!

It was girl's night out at my place last evening.  I made a phyllo wrapped baked brie infused with pepper jelly and toasted pine nuts, and Greek pasta with grilled chicken.  Mmmm - scrumptious with a glass or two of Voignier.  :)  

Watched Kung Fu Panda, and gee I had an internal glimmer.  Earlier in the day, a re-run of NCIS had some of the same lines and thoughts.  Can you imagine - how different is a Panda animation from a criminal investigation show and to watch on the same day?!   You're wondering what?  Well, in a snapshot:  reason for everything, nothing just happens, life's not about luck and chance, stop forcing what is not supposed to be, on and on.  Yes, the trick is to have open senses so when that kind of stuff happens you go WOW! life is planned and not just a fumbling train of coincidences.  Hmmm - reassuring.

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