Sunday, January 25, 2009

I really have to go move snow, but I sit here under a blankee thinking can't it just blow away?  It's windy because I hear the chimes.   Now that reminds me of a story to share...

For three years in a row, I have been awakened in the spring by a robin that would continuously face plant into my front bay window.  Literally, body slam it over and over again.  Every time "he" bammed the window (yep - he liked himself a little too much!), there would be slime on the window and droppings on the swinging bench.  We had some conversations and stare downs, which didn't work.  So I think it was Mom that found the most hideous ceramic owl to scare "him."  My thought - if my stare downs don't scare him, a piece of fired clay isn't either.  I was correct.  Then I thought maybe chimes would work?  So, I bought this green glass and many copper tubes cheap thing and hung it from the gutter.  "His" beady little eyes thanked me for the background music.

Time to find the UnderArmour and displace some snow.

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  1. Man.....I wish it would warm up! I need to get out and ski.....get some exercise! But.....we just have to be smart and keep warm.....don't you just love the blankies?!!!