Sunday, January 18, 2009

I have sheet music to record for a men's chorus.  I'll test out the Mac's recording ability - wish the piano was better tuned.  The guys are very nice and quite complimentary, but with fire classes on the same night as practice and just my inability to commit to stuff I used to do...maybe this will help them.

Mom is on her way over for some bourbon balls in exchange for homemade cinnamon and peanut butter rolls.  I'm thinking I need to run to town for more vanilla wafers.  I can just taste Virgin Island rum balls now!

I have procrastinated long enough...only because I have no CLUE how to do this, but as usual will take it on anyway because there is no choice.  Off to the basement utility bathroom to disconnect the shower faucet, and take off a board that Grandpa insisted years ago that should be on there.  I've been advised recently no and in order to move forward with the project I'll do what I'm currently being told.  I love life.  If I don't blog for days, check the basement and see if I'm floating.  If I get through this, I'm definitely headed to town for more vanilla wafers.

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  1. You are so ambitious! You inspire me to get my butt in gear....I have such a long "to do" list to tackle......but maybe this coming weekend? Hey, do you still want to try downhill skiing? I have all the equipment for you......etc. You decide when and if you want to try it......seriously!