Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ever look at your life to see what you've done or haven't?  Sit quietly in a hair salon for HOURS and it'll all come to you.  :)

Sue, a former co-worker of mine, said I have gypsy blood.  It struck me years ago when she opined this.  Maybe I see it now.  I wonder if this has been by choice or by plan?  It would be a plan unknown to me.

My EMS hobby turns 20 this year.  I grew up with it - the good, the bad, the indifference and the difference.  Kris has done it again and gave me a quote that is so timely and so mirroring:  
"My goal is to live each day as it's the last day I'll spend on this earth.  That doesn't mean I don't make plans, but I want to live so that I won't need tomorrow to correct the mistakes of today.  I want more meaning out of each thing I do or say.  I want to help others make life meaningful now."  - Don Piper

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