Friday, January 2, 2009

January 1st motivation...

Two huge bags for Vinnies, an outdoor trash can full, reconnects with people of the past and a hilarious time with totally new.  Whew!  It is like I've been trying to head up the fish ladder and now I just reversed and jumped the dam!

I finally hooked up the Canon printer yesterday that I received months ago.  Goodness - it is very nice & much better than I ever expected.  Why did I wait this long?  I was encouraged New Year's Eve to gallery my photography.  I'm starting to find that a bit intriguing.

Just noticed all of my plants are calling for refreshments.  Time to get moving around here.  Ooo - I can legitimately wear curvy low rises to work on Fridays starting today.  I suspect that is the best fundraiser for work's Foundation.


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