Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Life is getting a little bit more like it used to be, but is that a good thing?  Something going on all of the time, yet pushing myself for more experiences.

This need for MORE all started in nursery school.  It wasn't good enough to just be part of the group.  I would gather the fellow kids into a semi-circle and pretend to read to them, play the piano, and then when it was time to leave stand at the door making sure they were properly attired.  Mother hen started early.

Elementary through middle school was kick in the rear creative time.  Remember those big corkboards?  Loved doing montages on those instead of just boring recess.   Drawing and painting flourished but only hockey players, sticks, and skates.  Scrapbooking - you guessed it, hockey, and writing a few poems.  I insisted on getting the Almanac.  Little did Mom know, I needed it for a NHL team's address.  My poetry had to get to someone.  I told her a few years later.  

Fourth grade came along and so did working at the shop after school by entering parts orders on a Commodore computer.   That reminds me of science class show & tell:  cylinder, piston, rings, valve and plug to be followed by how the body makes dreams.  Odd little child.  Remember - opposites attract.

Newspaper, yearbook, ace-ing basketball so I could flat out refuse gymnastics (I'd still do that to this day!), and playing for choirs that now seemed to be coming out of the woodwork.

High school - too much to list.  Then came the deluge:  rally, EMS, working at least one job or more, taking college classes and doing a few other things.  :)

Juggler.  Are you one too?

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  1. I'm definitely a juggler! Right now, it's between baking a cake, correcting some papers, and watching a football game! LOL