Friday, January 9, 2009

Did a wheelie while making a quick 90 with the snowblower this morning. Here's a suggestion: don't do that. So there I am in my jammies, middle of the driveway, holding the thing up with one arm and trying to put the track back on with the other. That was, of course, after attempting reverse to re-thread it. Result: drag the thing up the front driveway in disgust and call Dad.

Excited for the weekend! I'm clearing out the basement utility / bathroom because after 15 years I'm thinking I need to finish it. Found a mason and on to figuring out the rest soon! If interest rates drop any more, I might refinance in these last few years left on the house. Lots of stuff I'd like to do to that place, yet the question remains: how much should I when it's not my dream?

I have always envisioned a small rustic, yet modern, home with huge windows showcasing The Lake. Open floor plan, cathedral ceiling, natural beams with ironwork. Tulikivi soapstone firebox with bake oven smack in the middle sporting warmed surrounding bench seats. Natural wood of maple and cherry throughout - not a lick of oak. My American walnut baby grand. Loft. A cook's kitchen with an island and prep sink. Stone waterfall shower. Very clean, simple architecture - Scandinavian in nature.

Mmmmm - can you see it..?


  1. OHHHHHHhhhh......yes, I can see it!

  2. Sounds beautiful.... sounds amazing actually. Ohh by the way, Mike's dad is an amazing do-everything guy. He finishes off basements for people, beautiful work actually, just in case something falls through. I love the images you paint, keep painting because reading your blog takes me away from reality for a couple minutes and it sounds like writing is just as therapeutic for you.