Monday, January 12, 2009

Car load to Goodwill yesterday, and from the looks of my closets, I'll be going there a few more times.  

Ever notice how you hang on to the oddest things?  Sometimes out of sheer laziness, other times as reminders of a moment.  Time to de-clutter - well, even more.  As though I'll ever be wearing those silver prom shoes again or the outfits I sewed.  [I know some of you are saying, "she's only getting rid of one pair?!" while others are thinking, "HOLY!  She sewed?!"]  All of the t-shirts collected from the events I've volunteered for could clothe a village, and not a small village either.  Quite a few years ago I put the special ones in my second hope chest.  Now that's a novel creation - hope chest.

It makes me laugh that I have two hope chests - how apropos.  My first one contained kitchen stuff amongst a few other things as I was collecting for the day I'd be on my own.  That day came and I sat here with borrowed bean bags, tv, piano, bed and now an empty hope chest.  But, I had a completely stocked kitchen.  The next purchases were a dining room table and hutch, oh and finally a sofa.  Place for the china came before that of the heiny.  

Looking around here it's hard to remember the scarcity.  Now I find myself giving more than collecting.  Life is a circle.

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