Saturday, January 3, 2009

Things that make me go hmmm...rescue swimmers, rodeo clowns, goalies - shall I stop 'cause I'm thinking there might be a theme emerging?  ha!  On the topic of themes, as you may know music is at my core.  Eclectic is an understatement.  In these wee hours, I've downloaded everything from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to Vitamin String Quartet.  The link to Shattered over and on the right of this page is an interesting piece too.

Be adventuresome!  Listen to something totally uncharacteristic of you.  Who knows upon what you may stumble.  It is amazing what music can do...


  1. How could one live without music?!!! I love going through your list of favorites on your blog.........

  2. 'love reading your blogs....have a good work week!