Monday, February 9, 2009

I have the blower wheelie perfected.

Yes, this year instead of continually shoveling EVERYWHERE, I put the blue monster (an affectionate term for my baby, the blower) on the back deck.  Proved essential to remove the snow I had shoveled from the roof.  I should've taken a picture during that process.  It was quite deceiving because the ends of the house showed little, but in the middle - holy wah!  No wonder I heard a few creaks.  So glad I hired out the roof shoveling job.

Speaking of roofs, I came close to having a dog on mine this past weekend.  Come to find out Cash-Man-Du likes ladders.  Doesn't that just figure.  Paint him white with a few spots and he'd be the perfect fire pooch, or wouldn't he look mighty fine with a little leather tool belt.  Ooo-la-la!  Mooch-a-Roo might spend a little time here next weekend.  Going from a Vizsla to a Golden is like going from a Ferrari SWB to a LandCruiser.  Each a specialty of their own and mostly just a driving change challenge.

Day after day of moving snow, I took a break tonight and just drove, more like busted, through the front mound with the Subaru.  It's a light little buggy.  Should've gone for the exercise, but instead I'm now done with all of my homework assignments through March in the fire course.  Always good to stay a little ahead with my kind of lifestyle.

There goes the snowmobile groomer...gee and on the trail this time.  In the middle of the night when it's storming, they "groom" the highway (shhhhhh!).

Enough for the day - it's time to peel the cellophane contacts off my eyeballs.

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