Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mooch-a-Roo is here until....?  I suppose I should've asked his owners when they are returning.  If you recall, Mooch is the Landcruiser Golden Retriever blend.  My mother put it perfectly when she explained that he's the romantic, whereas, CashManDu is the spitfire.  You know the saying about dogs and their owners...fill in the blanks...

Needless to say, Mooch misses his owners.  He'll sometimes eat when hand fed and loves the venison treats I picked up for him.  We played snowballs tonight and that brought a glimmer to his dark brown, expressive eyes.  Did you know all Goldens smell alike on their cheeks just in front of their ears?  Golden toes also smell like Frito-Doritos.   I've discovered not all dogs have this particular scent emanating from their toes.   

And you're asking yourself, why on earth is she smelling dog toes?  It's called living life to the fullest.   Use all of your senses!

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  1. L- I thought of you on Friday when they pulled out the chicken legs and tought us how to put in IOs. Then, I was wishing you were there during the code where I had to put one in the plastic crying baby. What a difference in knowledge a few months can make.... Hope all is well.