Monday, March 9, 2009

Ugh - time change is a killer.

Saturday was ice rescue training in the Dead River.  I tried making my quasi-dry suit's arm be a leg.  Nothing like bringing laughter to the group.  (note quasi - my suit was the only one to leak)  The sun was glorious - it felt fantastic!  I could've floated or laid on the ice for hours.  It reminded me of the days years ago when we'd have a sunny, warm-ish winter day and I'd use canola oil.  On Saturday I was thinking, gee - I have this real coconut oil in the kitchen...

Sunday was feel sick day...almost as though I had food poisoning.  Blaugh.

Mooch is finally eating.  Of course only when I mix up little venison treats in his food with warm water and make it into a gravy.  It took about 30 minutes to convince him my interior stairs were not too scary.  With treats on each step and me sitting on them to coax, he finally tried one at a time.  It's a little strange for me to have a Golden in the house.  He's a log dog Golden almost all of the time, not an ADHD Golden.  Plus he's only slightly food motivated and takes everything so softly.  Huge learning curve for me.

Off to get ready for work - seems like the weekend went a little too fast.

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  1. are so brave to battle the elements and train for a rescue in a sticky situation.....I am so proud of you! Hey...if you want Annie to come over to play with the pooch, let me know.....or you come over here to visit......the dogs would probably just love to socialize......