Thursday, December 25, 2008

Few hours of sleep and ready to go again!

Bread pudding is in its warm little oven bath.  I'm about to start the Jack Daniel's caramel sauce.  There's a bit of a following for my "flavored" concoctions.  This melody is for some that have to work in EMS today.  

I wrote an article for our newspaper last year for its EMS insert.  It was entitled, "The Silent Profession."  Ever noticed when tragedy strikes our nation, the news seems to zero on police and fire as the only emergency services?  Well, wait, during Katrina I do remember a few Coast Guard rescue swimmers, but that's a different story.  Forced into the people's lives during a time of disarray and acting as street social workers, EMS folks do the grand majority of their work without a thank you.  Many calls are not life threatening and one is left wondering why the person just didn't get a ride to the hospital or why is he/she going to the hospital anyway.  Just like life in general, it is difficult to remember not to judge.  Every person we meet provides the potential to affect a life, ours or theirs, but usually both.

Sauce time - caramel, that is...I know what you were thinking...

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