Monday, December 29, 2008

Long day, but capped well.  Bond, James Bond.  The persona is to kill for and Mr. Craig has been working on his physique...

Speaking of physiques, it was a gastronomic medley today.  Brunch consisting of a few smoked oysters and Sam Light to be followed by Turkish apricots and peanut butter.  I was raised in an environment that encouraged shall I say an expanded palate.  I grew up hearing just one bite and if you don't like it then your taste buds just haven't grown up yet.  Meals were always colorful and a variety of texture.  I'll never forget the melon, sardine, prosciutto meal.  Or, those crank the heat, bring out the summer clothes, Hawaiian Luaus in the dead of winter.  So back to today, late this afternoon homemade hash browns did their thing while I shoveled.  The best way to get crunchy hash browns is to rinse off some of their starchiness.  A salad spinner was borne for this job.  Spread them out in an olive oiled large skillet, start medium high heat and then back it off, and resist the urge to touch them until they're translucent.

One of the local markets closed for the winter yesterday.  Excellent prices on produce!  This week will include guacamole - the avocados are perfect for it!  Baked brie with saute pears, pine nuts and a hint of pepper jelly enveloped in filo.  And finally, grilled vegetables since that wasn't a snow sculpture but the grill that I found on the back deck.

Winter can be so long without spice - so do something about that!

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