Friday, December 26, 2008

Scruffy.  That's the name of the bunny living in my wood shed.  There's a packed down freeway between my shed and the back deck.  After seeing only a few shavings left, I have determined that he likes organic baby carrots.  Not that he has so much else to redefine his palate on this time of year.  Wearing my bomber hat lined with rabbit fur, I realize we're all in one giant circle.

It's a melon baller morning.  Yes, that is when your head just needs a release and this one has the inkling of a cold.  We'll see what Vitamin I and some African plant called Pelargonium sidoides does for it.  I should break out the new bottle of Thieves Oil.  I believe in multi-faceted approaches, aka bomb it from all ways.

Lazy snowflakes are falling.  I'll call them that because that's what my driveways are telling me I am.  I didn't move any snow yesterday and opted for snowshoeing instead.  We seem to be having a typical snow amount year.  Certainly not that I check for the validity of this.  It is just based upon the number of times I've pull started the snowblower.  I love that thing!  It's like my little blue metal contraption of independence.  We're bonded.

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  1. What an awesome blog! I added you to my bookmark bar.....I love reading everyone's's addicting to do this! I just wrote in my blog.......finally! Welcome about the blog train! :-)
    It was great spending time with you.......two evenings in a row! Thanks again for the beautiful calendar. It's already up on the wall.....keep in touch!