Friday, December 26, 2008

My neighbors are really good people...

Last year when I was crutching, Bob came over and kept the decks shoveled.  Never once did I ask.  He just arrived one day and kept coming back until I was able to get around better.  Wow!

Tonight Rob saw I hadn't snowblowed.  My driveways are like navigating a mine field.  My thanks to him and Rick, The Unstucker.  My tow strap hasn't seen action since I downsized to the Subie.  Now that it's unearthed, that gives force to my need to upsize.  I'm thinking the strap would match nicely with a FJ Cruiser.  Really now, isn't having it in the Subaru akin to wearing a brown belt with black boots?  :)

Gee with this heavy wet snow, it's going to be delicious snowblowing in the morning.  It is supposed to be in the high 30's.  Now that's close to Sea-Dooing weather!

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