Saturday, December 27, 2008

People that have no concept of time puzzle me.  Like a moth to flame, I tried to go without a watch for a few days - you know for the experience.  That did not work so I attempted using my cellphone for its clock.  Of course that was doomed from the start since I continuously struggle to remember where my cellphone is.

My first watch was given to me by my great-grandfather and then subsequently lost in O'Hare.  I was five.  I had taken it off to wash my hands.  

Ever notice how fine women's watches do not light, but you can usually find a few men's that do?  Why is it that only men need to see what time it is in the dark?

I am wearing a new time piece today.  It is water resistant to 100 meters and it has diamonds.  Opposites attract.


  1. I got a new watch as a gift this I just have to remember to wear it !!!!!

  2. Ah, you know it's the rally thing that causes clockitis. I tried no watch and couldnot find my way :-) - Rob Bohn