Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's just after midnight on Christmas Day 2008.  For years people have told me to write down my thoughts, make a book, on and on.  No, this is not just the people that receive novel length emails from me making the suggestions.

I spent some quiet time alone this Eve.  Watching the flames licking logs in the fireplace.  Hopefully Santa won't head down the chimney.  I have embers.  Don't want him to get stuck like the squirrel this past year either.  Open the flue - poof! - squirrel skeleton.  I almost passed out over that one.

Added a water fountain to the living room - thank you, Kris.  I have always wanted a fireplace co-mingled with a fountain.  Classic opposites.  I love opposites.

My EMS hobby reminded me today of what is really important.

It is Grandpa's birthday.  I'm going to help him celebrate it with a gift of - no, not Old Milwaukee - UnderArmour!  Just what every 90 year old should have!

Fleas on the dog (Feliz Navidad) singing chi- gee, how do you spell those little Taco Bell dogs? -is vacaying at the Rowes for this evening.   I shared what I like about him are his balls.  Stop - he has balls hanging from his sombrero.  Now how can I spell a hat, but not a dog?

Mom knows I want to venture north to be with polar bears.  She gives me a polar once in a while.  Tonight's pre-Christmas gift included a little statue bear holding a welcome sign.  If Mom ever figures out how to read my newly formed blog, she'll read that polar bears have white fur.  White fur, Mom. 

Have you ever noticed fountains sometimes have a hotline to your bladder?  And with that, my first blog entry is complete.

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